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IT Equipment Leasing

Servers - Storage - Networking

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IT Equipment Leasing

IT Equipment Leasing Frees Up Your Cash
There are many advantages of IT equipment leasing, but the primary reason many companies choose IT equipment leasing is avoid tying up cash with equipment purchases. We can put together an IT equipment leasing package to include servers, data storage, networking systems and more, all rolled into one monthly payment.

IT Equipment Leasing Has Other Advantages
Leasing your IT equipment lets you decide if, at the end of your lease, you want to purchase and keep the equipment, or upgrade to newer technology.

For Your Short Term Needs - IT Equipment Rentals

IT Equipment Leasing from All Major Manufacturers
We offer leasing options for equipment made by all major manufacturers of servers, storage and networking equipment.

We Can Also Buy Your Used Equipment
If your goal is to acquire new equipment through IT equipment leasing, we can buy your used servers, data storage and networking systems. Listed below is some of the equipment we buy, sell, lease and rent.

Refurbished Used Equipment Pricing
If you would rather purchase refurbished equipment than use our IT equipment leasing options, just let us know. Availability changes daily so we do not post prices for refurbished equipment. Most used servers and used networking configurations are available. Our prices are competitive.

Save $$$ on Maintenance Services
 We provide a low cost service option for your IT equipment. Responsive support, skilled engineers and competitive prices are the key reasons to consider our third party maintenance and repair services. Comprehensive maintenance at significant savings under original manufacturer's price.

Easy Transactions with Shockwave Solutions
Whether you want to sell your used system, buy replacement equipment or are interested in leasing or rentals, we make your transactions quick and easy. Contact us today.

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