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Sell Used HP Flash Storage Arrays

Buy, lease or rent refurbished HP Systems. Most models available.

Used HP Flash Storage Arrays

We buy used HDD hard drives and SSD flash drives.
See Sell Used Storage Disks for details.

Sell Your Used HP Flash Storage Array
If your flash drives are in good working condition, email complete details and we will contact you with a fair offer. Be sure to include your name, company (if any), phone number and location of the equipment. Supply us with complete details to get a top offer for your used flash drives.

Buy Used HP Flash Storage Array at Excellent Savings
Refurbished hardware gives you the same performance as new HP equipment, at a big  savings. We carry a wide range of used equipment for your networking requirements. Refurbished HP flash drives are tested and come with a warranty.

HP Leasing and Rentals
Take advantage of our IT Equipment Leasing options to avoid tying up your cash. For your short term needs, check out our IT Equipment Rentals program.

Refurbished HP Flash Arrays
The current range of HPE 3PAR products consists of the 8000, 9000, and 20,000 series. The 8000 series is available in both flash and hybrid variations. The high end 20,000 series scales to 8 nodes and even further by using a federation. The 9000 series sits in between the 8000 and 20,000 series, scaling up to 4 nodes. Common across all 3PAR models is the architecture based around the ASIC. The current ASIC version is Gen5 and enables functionality such as compression, thin provisioning and parity calculations. Also common across all 3PAR models is the 3PAR OS software, 3PAR OS 3.3.1 enhanced data reduction capabilities with the introduction of compression and enhancements to dedupe.

HP 3Par StoreServ 8000 Series - All models

HP 3Par StoreServ 9000 Series - All models

HP 3Par StoreServ 20000 Series - All models

This is a partial listing. Many other models are available now.

HP Storage Pricing
Availability changes daily so we do not post prices for refurbished used storage or other used equipment. All used HP storage configurations are available. Our prices are very competitive.

Easy Transactions with Shockwave Solutions
Whether you want to sell your used system, buy replacement equipment or are interested in leasing or rentals, we make your transactions quick and easy. Contact us today.

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