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How to Sell Your Used IT Equipment

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 . Details about hardware.
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Contact us today about your equipment for sale. We pick up at your site, handle & pay shipping.

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Since 2008, Shockwave has worked with companies across the world regarding their used IT equipment needs. We are a serious buyer of used IT Systems. Transactions are easy and  satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Shockwave today.



Sell Used Tape Cartridges 

Buy refurbished Tape Media. Most models available.

4mm DDS - 8mm AIT - IBM 3592 - LTO Ultrium - MLR/SLR - T10K

Used Tape Cartridges

  We Are Used Tape Cartridge Buyers - Most Brands  

Sell Your Tape Cartridges
We buy used cartridges in good working and cosmetic condition. Just email complete details about your used tape cartridges and we will get back to you with a fair market offer. Be sure to include your name, company (if any), phone number and location of the equipment. By supplying us with as much detail as you can, you are assured of realizing top dollar for your used equipment.

Used Tape Buyers
Refurbished cartridges offer the exact same performance as brand new tape cartridges, at a big cost savings to you. We offer a wide range of tapes for your storage needs. All refurbished used tape cartridges are fully tested and come with a specified warranty.

Used Tape Media for Sale - Most Types

4mm DDS 6/7 Tapes    8mm AIT Tapes    IBM/Fuji 3592 Tapes

LTO Ultrium Tapes - LTO4, LTO5, LTO6, LTO7, LTO8, LTO9

SLR 5 Tapes    MLR, SLR Tapes    T10000, T10K Tapes    Tandberg Tapes

This is a partial listing. Many other models are available now.

Used Tape Media for Sale - Most Brands

Dell - Fuji - HP - IBM - Imation - Maxell - Sony  Quantum - Tandberg

Used Tape Cartridge Pricing
Availability changes daily so we do not post prices for refurbished tape cartridges. Most brands, models are available. Our prices are very competitive.

Easy Transactions with Shockwave Solutions
Whether you want to sell used tape cartridges, buy replacement equipment or are interested in leasing or rentals, we make your transactions quick and easy. Contact us today.

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